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“We have now lost count of how many customers we have met, of how many stories we have encountered. We no longer know how many customers have become something more for us over the years: true friends with whom to share joys, with whom to talk about everything. And this is enough for us. This is enough for us to know that we are doing a good job: it is the greatest satisfaction for us! ". 

Alessio and Riccardo are exactly like this: the words they use to describe their "customer-friends" say so much about them. They say so much about their commitment, their passion, their love.

From the desire to be continually closer to its customers, the FRATELLI ROCCHI brand was born in 2016:

"More and more customers - the two brothers explain - told us how difficult it is to eat a good pappardella with wild boar, or a classic garlic spaghetti, oil, parsley and chilli in your own country. Even simply drinking a glass of good Chianti wine is not an easy task. Every time we heard these words, two things happened inside us: on the one hand we realized the fortune of living in Tuscany, in this incredible, wonderful land, able to excite you with an unexpected landscape, rather than with a simple slice of bread a little toasted seasoned with salt and EVO oil; on the other, we felt sorry for our customers: we thought everyone deserved to experience the emotions that this land has to offer. "

From here, from this feeling, the idea of ​​the two brothers was born: why not excite, not let live even for a moment, that atmosphere, that Tuscan emotion to its customers, directly to their home?

FRATELLI ROCCHI is just that:

"The sun and the sea breeze are not very easy to capture. We cannot transport the landscape. But our traditional cuisine, or our wine, or our oil, yes: we can work on this! The emotion that comes from good food has no boundaries. Why not let everyone get excited ?! "

Thus, the two brothers have carefully selected a series of strictly Tuscan products.

They have carefully chosen only niche products, special, all respectful of the Tuscan tradition. Products that come from the usual trade schemes, products that are difficult to find elsewhere if not in Tuscany: they have chosen only the best.

"Bringing a piece of Tuscany directly into the homes of our customers is our goal, it's our mission: for a dinner, a lunch, an aperitif, give everyone the chance to feel in Tuscany while being at home: believe us , good food can do this and more! ".

Alessio Rocchi

«I love challenges. Ambition is the engine that moves my whole life: that's why I don't

never satisfied, I always try to improve.

I am an eternal Christopher Columbus looking for his America.

The journey is long and full of dangers, but only one thing can make it impossible

my dream: the fear of failure. "


Riccardo Rocchi

«I love good food, especially the true one of my beloved Tuscany. 

I believe that food is culture, and that cooking is the simplest and most immediate way to

to transmit the values ​​of your land: you can simply from a dish

understand many things.

After all, eating is a bit like borrowing emotions and culture of a territory: it is

travel while standing still. »