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Ciao, here we are, Fratelli Rocchi!
How is the beginning of this autumn? 
I hope is all fine!
You know, the last event at the end of September was great and now, I want to tell you exactly what's happened in this wonderful villa situated in the heart of the green Tuscany's countryside.
Let's start with the story! 
We have been contacted by a historical and creative German company, with the aim to organize for them a "team-building" event.
They were looking for a place could totally represent the Tuscany,
they we looking for relax and quiet,
a big common space, where they could organise their meetings,
maybe a pool, where they could have a nice time after work,
and a garden for some walks and sport.
We move up in advance to looking for the right location for this team-building's event and we based the research on a range of 20 km from Casale Marittimo.
We have found 15 perfect dwellings for our guests. 
Then, we have checked them: 
the first was too close the main street, 
the second one's had too small common spaces, 
then we didn't like the garden enough, 
one was too wet and with a no warmed pool, 
one's too dark or bad maintained 
with unpleasant owners..
Well, we've visited 14 places. None of them was satisfying enough for us.
I was afraid that we were wasting all of our time.
There was just one location left... and, honestly, I was sure that our research was failing.
But I wrong: the last one and I was on cloud nine!
Finally, we have found what we have hardly looked for, the perfect place for our guests.
At this point, we should plan a table of activities:
they wanted to visit a wine cellar,
have a kitchen lesson 
and walking through San Gimignano with someone who'd be able to tell about its history.
Everything was going perfectly when I realised that we could have a problem.
September, in Tuscany is the month of first seasonal rains, with lower temperature and shorter days.
During all the previous week, we checked the weather forecast on the smartphone: clouds, rain, cold… "No" I've thought, "It can't be like this! It can't just raining and get away all of our work!"
There was just one day left before the Team arriving, and the weather forecast seemed like against us.
But what happened, truly, was incredible. On the 25th of September, I woke up and the first thing I did, was open the window of my bedroom… and then find the Sun! A wonderful and warm Sun, the one who embraces you in a summer day.
Looking at their faces at their arrive when they discovered the location was incredible: they really didn't expect all of that magnificence. They were really moved.
Getting out from a little white road, walking through the trees and arriving to the top of the hill.
A 300 hundred aged building, completely made by stones and rocks, in the middle of the nature with its quiet and the twitting of birds, in a valley with hundred shades of green.
Closer to our location there's the little of Casale Marittimo, Guardistallo and Querceto Castle.
Then, the smell of the Tuscan countryside, that reminds us our childhood.
The truth is, that there are a lot of details that I'd like to tell you, but I don't want to send you a never-ending mail!
So, I decided to do a short list of the topic moments of that experience:
  • The Happy Hour at the sunset, every evening, looking at the rich and  natural Tuscan view.
  • The barbecue made by our butcher, with 4 kg of Fiorentina Steaks and lots of organic vegetables.
  • The Pic-nic in our personal garden, using our old grand-pa's Ape Piaggio (in the picture up above).
  • The breakfast served every day and prepared with so much caring and attention.
  • The most wonderful experience, for sure, was eating "Fagioli all'uccelletta" (very popular Tuscan recipe with sausages and beans) made by them during the afternoon..
Each day was an incredible surprise and at the end, the truth is that… they hardly worked too!
Someone told me in confidence, that they've closed important projects which they're working on, mostly thank to the nice atmosphere we've created around them.
An incredible and unique synergy, friendly, positive, relaxed and productive, most of all.
We're conscious about some mistakes we surely committed, but we also feel confident that this First Time was a great success.
We maybe missed some details, but our goal was to transmit the real smell and taste of our "Toscana Bella", of our land and all of those traditions we lived in childhood. 
And to do that, we put all of our commitment.
We're sure about the result.
P.S.: The Clients were so fascinated by our land and company that they already booked another entire experience like this in advanced for the next June, in 2020.
And of course, this experience is open to you too.  If you're interested in, just ask us all of the information... but I tell you, the available weeks in 2020 are limited, so don't wait or someone else will live this great experience at your place instead!

I'm waiting for you!
And this, it's just a minimum part of what you could live here, creating by yourself your experience in Tuscany.
I want to leave you promising that we'll talk about "Toscana" again.