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Here's Riccardo! How are you?
This morning I get out for a walk. Does it happen to you, sometimes to wake up with a strong desire to have movement or sport?
Well, I don't!
But it's incredibly happened yesterday!
I just put on my sneakers and I took my way!
This happened really, to our cook Dori.. she had the same idea!
Walking, we had some small talks, and of course we discuss about food at last!
And I asked her, wich is her favourite dish…

We asked to our lovely cook Dori which was her favourite dish: with no doubts she answered that is the "Dori's Way Orecchiette" for sure!
This recipe is a new interpretation of an ancient and very popular recipe that represents the Italian Kitchen Tradition through all over the world.
The famous "Bucatini all'Amatriciana"!
This dish, with a strong and intense taste, was born in Amatrice (a little village in the centre of Italy) so long time ago: it's a real institution of our culinary tradition!
Our cook decided to reinterpret it, combining the classic sauce made by tomatoes and browned bacon with a very typical tuscan homemade pasta: the "Orecchiette".
This name means literally "small ears" ("piccole orecchie" in italian) because they remember the particular nice ear shape!
Recipe for 2:
-        300 g of Orecchiette
-        100 g of thin slices of bacon
-        1 slice of garlic 
-        1 red pepper
-        Tomato Sauce
-        Salt and Extravergine Olive Oil (link)
Boil 1 Lt of water with a punch of salt, while you chop up the bacon in thin slices.
Let it brown in a pan with a little bit of Extravergine Olive Oil until it become crispy.
Then, remove it from the pan and keep it in a side.
LITTLE TRICK! Save the bacon tasted oil... it will be extremely useful later!
It's time now to pour Orecchiette in boiling water: the perfect cooking needs around 6-7 minutes!
So, do you remember our pan with the bacon tasted oil?
Great! Precisely in that pan add a slice of garlic, fresh red pepper, the tomatoes sauce and let it cook for 5-6 minutes . Then, add the bacon and blend the mixture as well.
At this point Orecchiette will be perfectly cooked: just pour them in the sauce and cook briskly for a minute.
If Orecchiette are not available in your country, you can also use spaghetti
Risult will be excellent as the same!
Now, the only thing you have to do is pouring a glass of a good red wine, as a Chianti for example, and enjoy this dish. 
Orecchiette are served! 
Buon Appetito!
You can buy spaghetti, garlic, good Extravergine Olive oil, tomato sauce on this link: www.fratellirocchi.com
I need to go now..
Goodbye and take care.
And of course.. Hurray for our Toscana Bella!