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We are Alessio and Riccardo and we wanna tell you the reason why our Pappardelle have become the most sold dish in Pizzagaia, our restaurant, and why we're so in love with this legendary recipe.
Have ever felt the sensation to be in a heart of a memory, just thank to a specific smell?
Well, it's what happened to us, each time we go into the kitchen of Pizzagaia, and Dori the cook is preparing ragù.
Just sniffing the air we immediately start dreaming our childhood, with our lovely Granny at home, in her old kitchen.
And she's there. Dressed with her usual blue pinny that she used to wear while she was cooking.
Always busy , with that perfect silver hair taking a look to her special recipe's notes printed by oil and tomatoes.
So, now you know the reason why our Pappardelle straightly follow her super recipe and her super portion!
If you think about your youth, is there any particular and important dish that maybe, was just a speciality of your Granny?
That's why, our Pappardelle smells like home.
And just to let understand as well how much loved is this recipe in Pizzagaia, we want to give you some numbers:
1774 generous portions of Pappardelle al Cinghiale were sold last summer!
And to prepare them we used:
229 kg of Pappardelle Pasta
159 kg of wild pork meat
88 kg of tomatoes
36 kg of vegetables
And I'll tell you that our cook Dori suffers so much arm ache keeping blend this enormous pan with ragù! :
Seriously, numbers talk by themselves.
Over a thousand of people have chosen our granny's Pappardelle.
Would it mean that they're really good one? What do you think about?
You feel better just looking at it when it comes on your table, with its smell and so well dressed that makes you happy.
This is the feeling we had each time Granny brought on our table that tray literally full of wild pork ragù pasta. And it's the same feeling that I can read in the look of our guests when they enjoy the abundance of our plate.
Unfortunately, Our Pappardelle are not for everyone: they're just for those who really love food, for the ones who really appreciate the typical Tuscan kitchen tradition, for the ones who loves food high quality and hate misery and poor dishes.
And so, you know what?
You can taste our Ragù and Pappardelle at your home too.
Yep, because you can buy these products directly by our website, Ragù in jars and real Pappardelle made by our Pasta-lab situated here in San Vincenzo, only for us.
If you are considering to buy our products, this is the moment.
Don't waste time anymore.
Today is the day of the Delivery Service!
Order your Wild Pork Ragu (in link) and we'll also send you our little book with all the secrets to cook a good dish of pasta as Tuscans do!
Remind, we printed just 30 of them.
Hurry up!
Goodbye and see you next time!
Alessio and Riccardo.