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Have you been in Casale Marittimo during your journey in Tuscany?


Hi guys! I’m Alessio!
How is going on?
What about the weather in your area, is already cold there?
About me, I woke up this morning with a pretty sunny sky, so I decided to get out for a walk and take the chance to buy some bread and meat on the way.
In the place of my heart!
It’s a little medieval village, with just 1099 people.
What I like the most of this place, is the incredible view you can join from here: almost the entire Etruscan Coast (this is the name of Livorno’s coast), with the typical “Macchia mediterranea” , that is visible only from this point.
The sea, all of the pine forests and beaches are just 10 kms far from here, therefore there is the Tuscan archipelago with its isles: Elba, Capraia and Gorgona. 
The old town in there has medieval origins and It lasts untouched till our days.
It was the ancient defense of coast and valley and also, the walls are actually there.
In Casale Marittimo foreigners number is constantly increasing and lots of those people are looking for a house in here to have a good time with families.
Casale area boasts very important archaeological findings.
Here, as in every little village, everyone knows everybody and everybody knows everything about everyone  (seems like a tongue twister, isn’t it ?)
So, I parked outside of the walls and I went to buy my meat and bread. 
But you know what? In next email, I’ll tell why our Tuscan bread is saltless!
In addiction, another news: there will be also a great surprise!
I’ll tell you about a special day and this means.. a gift!
See you soon and don’t forget to follow us on our website!