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Alessio’s birthday and a Gift for you!


Hi there, Is Alessio!
Well… it’s true!
Today it’s my day! My birthday!
I often think about the things I wrote on myself, for the Web site :
“I love challenges. Ambition is what moves all of my life. This is the reason why I constantly looking for the best for me and I do not settle for anything less of my expectations. 
I’m an eternal Cristoforo Colombo who is hunting for my own America.”
The journey is long and full of troubles, I know. 
But I’m sure that there’s only one thing that could make my dream impossible:
The fear of failure.”
So, I woke up wondering a day full of emotions . 
The first thing I did was finding the greeting cards that my sweeties left me on the night stand… and then, after a breakfast together, I said hello to Olivia that was going to school and to Cecilia, directed to work.
So, now I’m home all alone and I’m writing this notes!
I definitely opted for a rest day, to dedicate to Olivia and took her to have a good walk on the seaside after school, before the sunset. 
It’s always a great feeling, especially during the winter period, when there’s no people on the beach.
Then, once at home we quickly dress up for the dinner. I’ve just reserved a table in my favorite fish-based restaurant, here in the area.
We’ll be just the three of us, and as every year, Olivia will give me her present, wrapped it in my place. 
To share this moment, I want to give something special.
Since today until Sunday the 1st of December if you order on our website www.fratellirocchi.com , you’ll receive also a surprise!
An extremely tasty surprise. 
This… is my present for you.
But I’ve only prepared just 30 of them, so hurry up!
Enjoy my birthday with me!
I’m waiting for you on www.fratellirocchi.com