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Have you ever been in Tuscany during the Christmas period?


Hello! This is Alessio speaking!
Christmas is in the air more than ever, and here in Tuscany every village and town is shining on the with lots of white tea lights and every shop and window is full of decorations.

This period is something magical to live here, in Tuscany: art cities are totally  decorated with wonderful ornaments and the old towns are full of Christmas markets and living crib in the most beautiful churches.

Today I want to tell you some Tuscan tradition.
Thinking through the various plan options, I point out 4 in particular. An original planning that let you keep in touch with the authentical winter holidays air.
1st: A perfect idea for a family trip, is the Befana’s Train: a 1930 old steam train, that leaves each 6th of January from Santa Maria Novella Florence station since the 2005, and it travels through the green views of Valdisiece and arrive to Mugello, in S.nt Pietro a Sieve precisely.
Here, the olds and the youngs can enjoy the Epiphany all together, with a taste of all the typical sweeties and product of Tuscan tradition.
2nd : The one and only typical Tuscan menu for Christmas cannot start with something different of “ Crostini with Fegatelli” (=grilled bread slices with liver sauce)
And never, and I said never, forget to let your hosts taste the product of the last olive harvest, so I mean, the bruschetta with olive oil.
After the first course, it’s usual to serve a roast beef or a mix of different types of roasted meat, flavoured with rosemary, sage and garlic.
Otherwise, you can have chicken, dish that was considered as a luxury long time ago.
Vegetables are an Optional at the end, even though there is no lack of dishes of course!
In our favourites are absolutely roasted potatoes, flavoured with sage and rosemary.
3rd: If there is something that unify Italy from tge north to the south is Pandoro and Panettone, in all of their different kinds.
Also, theere is Panforte of Siena, then the Cavalluccio that is a hardly consistence biscuit with a strong anise flavour, blended with nuts (finely chopped) and candied fruits. 
Any self respecting sweety needs to be matched with a good little glass of Vin Santo, the typical sweeties wine obtained from passed grape.
4th : Walking through Montegemoli streets, that is a little village 10 km far fronte Casale Marittimo, and see all the cribs made up by the old people of the village.
There are Cribs on window stands, inside post boxes, on the trees, out of the houses, and also into the small farms there are along the street that go to Montegemoli. 
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See you.