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Ciao! here's Riccardo!
What about your week? How is going on?
Today here it's cloudy and one of those pretty boring days..
So! To give a spark on this day I decided to prepare something special for lunch, a recipe that diffuses its smell through all the kitchen each time I cook it.
The very famous "Spaghetti Aglio, olio, prezzemolo e Peperoncino" ! (prezzemolo= parsley)
This, is an extremely special dish through all the Italy. It's our friend in the feast days, during a night long with your company, with friend at the World Football Cup! This recipe is definitely part of our History!
Simple. Extremely simple... But not so banal as we can think.
A quick and easy-cooked dish, with only 4 ingredients: spaghetti pasta, garlic, oil and red pepper in fact!
The secret to obtain the perfect result?
  • The right choice of the ingredients, Extra Virgin Olive Oil at first!
  • Method and technique of cooking: brown garlic and red pepper without burning them, to not compromise the final taste.
  • Then, there is someone who prefers dry red-pepper, who add the whole garlic for an easy removing or even someone that chop it up because they love the taste.
What's your favorite recipe of this dish?
While you're thinking about the version you prefer, I wanna invite you to discover and taste the ours.
Ingredient for 4 people:
- Spaghetti Pasta, 360 g (in link)
- Red peppers, 3
- Garlic, 3 slices
- Extravergine Olive Oil, 70 g (in link)
- Parsley
Stop, Stop, Stop!
We have our Mix for Spaghetti Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino!
We created it and it's all ready to use!
We helped you in the preparation: we peeled and chopped up the garlic at your place, we finely cut the red peppers and cleaned and prepared the parsley.
Of course, you're right... cooking it's fantastic, but sometimes we have not enough time doing everything, isn't it?
So, are you ready?
Fine, let's start!
  1. Let water boiling, while you put the Extravergine Olive Oil (in link) in a pan with a little spoon of our mix and let it cook just for 4 minutes over medium heat.
  1. Respect the cooking-time of Spaghetti (in link) and when they're ready, add them into the pan and cook on a high heat.
  1. Let the ingredients blend for 2 minutes.
  1. Serve in dishes.
Don't forget a glass of wine!
Live with your friend a real feeling of Italian happiness! 
Our Pasta-Lab it's not a factory. This means that it produces only small quantities of pasta per time.
So, if you don't want staying without a real good Italian Pasta, hurry up buying Spaghetti for your dinner, here on the link!
I'll leave you.
Goodbye and Hurray for our Toscana Bella!