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Ciao! Here's Alessio..
In the middle of the deliveries I want to tell you my week-end. And what about yours?
Summer is finished, our Restaurant is closed and our Bars too.
It's time for family.
As usual, this Autumn is giving us a summer weather with real summer days.
Today, I want tell you the wonderful day I lived with my family, in a magnificent and special place.
On that Sunday, just woke up, I get out in to the garden and there was a great rising sun. Our just born kitten were playing between each other, as small cotton balls they we're running through the green and just cut grass.
The garden was brighter thank to the morning light.
With a weather like this, we decided to get out in direction of the sea, to have a walk.
I was looking for something special... and then, Populonia was the choice!
Just 30 minutes of journey, from us.
Direction to San Vincenzo, and straight on to the "Golfo di Baratti" (Baratti's Gulf).
Golfo di Baratti is a small natural and uncontaminated area. 
A destination for everyone's exploring Tuscany and want to discover and appreciate the nature, the history, and the art that  found a point here, creating a no time place.
Are you in love with wonderful beaches, snorkeling, and diving?
Well, Baratti is literally a treasure to discover: there could be treasures between the gulf rocks, that sometimes appear and give us back rests of our furthest history. As the famous Silver Amphora, for example, already found 40 years ago and kept in the Volterra Museum.
Over Baratti, there is one of the most important Etruscan village ever existed: indeed, by the promontory is visible Populonia, an ancient and very important Etruscan city where it's still possible to admire the great Etruscan civilization.
Once, Gulf of Baratti was the main port of Etruscans, the place of merchandise and iron art. In fact, if you pay attention to Baratti's beaches, you can notice that the sand colour is black and silver and that shines under the sun. This, 'cause of the rests produced by their ancient art of iron manufacturing.
It's extremely wonderful having a walk through this place, and you cannot miss it if you visit Tuscany.
it's nicely small, there are walls against pirates, ancients buildings, little shops and a bar with a beautiful garden where you can have a "Tagliere", a typical board with cold cuts, cheese and crostini (bread with sauces), and drink a good cocktail admiring the view from the sea until the Elba Isle.
So, about Tagliere… do you know that if you want you can taste a real Tagliere one, with our cold cuts and crostini? Yep!
After various attempts we have created our "Pane Crogiato" (grilled bread)!
A home-made bread, with simple ingredients and high-quality products, made with passion and respecting our Tuscan tradition.
But it's not enough!
Our Bread is especially thought to make Crostini so, it's ready to use! Indeed, it's already grilled, crunchy and perfectly flavoured! The only thing you need to do, is choosing you topping and the game is done! Is it easy, isn't it?
Order your Pane Crogiato (in the link) and spread on it the sauce-cream that you prefer! The chosen is between Tuscan sauce (liver sauce), pepper-bell, artichoke or olive's cream, or why not, good tomatoes for Bruschetta!
These are the Sundays that I love mostly.
Goodbye, and of course, I'm waiting for you in Populonia to have a good glass of wine together!