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Tibet in Tuscany


Hi... I'm Alessio.
How is going on? Have you alredy thought about your next holidays here in Tuscany?
Just today I was remembering about a place that will definetely surprise you!
It's part of those places that I like to tell about each time a client is sure to have seen everything here in Tuscany.
If you type POMAIA on your navigator, you will find around 20 km far from Cecina surrounded by the green tuscan hills an oasis of peace, open to monks and to everyone is looking for some hours distant from the chaos of routine.
Just one rule: turn off the phone, let your cigarettes into the car and talk quietly.
It's really strange living a tibetan atmosphere in the heart of Tuscany.
And it's so wonderful walking throught their gardens and have a snack in that small cafeteria, but my favorite place to relax is the Garden of Tea, a little kiosk in the middle of olive trees that serves by free offer, the best teas from all over the world.
After this break, barefoot on the grass you'll find the peace of senses, on my word.
It's truly a magic place, surraounded by golden Buddhas, temples and little flags.
Moreover, they frequently organize courses so important that people comes from all around the world to attend them.
It's also the favorite place of Richard Gere, so it's not rare to find him just seated on a bench reading a book. You could be lucky... or at the very least, you'd have a very nice experience!
I'm really used to go there.. maybe we'll meet each other!
Keep follow me, I have a lot of places left to tell you about!
And if you know someone who loves Tuscany, as we do, tell about us and recommand to follow our page www.fratellirocchi.com