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GIN RO' -700 ML-

Amber colors, convincing aroma, round but determined taste: These are the most important character traits of our GIN RO'. In many aspects it reflects the "typical Tuscan character": hospitable, generous, always ready to joke, but clear and resolute.

It is not for nothing that gin RO' is made from botanical essences from rosemary, thyme and chamomile leaves, all 100% Toskanic. 

The botanical essences are dosed exactly according to the ancient Tuscan secret recipe and give this product uniqueness: the thyme and chamomile make this otherwise rather dry and hard distillate softer. 

What is the best way to enjoy these character traits?! Very simple: a good 100% Tuscan GIN RO' Tonic. 

Put enough ice cubes in a glass, pour 
Add 60 ml of GIN RO' and fill with tonic water. You think that's it? false! There is another trick that will surprise everyone: order our wooden box, and you will receive chamomile flowers and juniper berries for your cocktail in addition. I assure you you you will fall in love with the fragrance alone!

Before dinner, after dinner, during the day, no matter: it's always the right moment for a GIN RO' Tonic!

Acquisto minimo una bottiglia.


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